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Commercial Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning – NACE WAB-3/SSPC-SP 6 (WAB)
standard by National Association of Corrosion Engineers, 03/14/2015

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A WAB-cleaned surface is one prepared by combining water and abrasive in a blast cleaning operation by one of severalmethods, which include: 1) injection of water into the abrasive stream either internally or externally as the abrasive stream exitsthe blast nozzle; 2) injection of abrasive into pressurized water; or 3) use of an abrasive slurry under pressure to achieve thespecified WAB degree of cleanliness.

This standard defines the Commercial Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (NACE WAB-3/SSPC-SP 6 [WAB]) degree of visiblesurface cleanliness of uncoated or coated steel surfaces achieved by the use of wet abrasive blast cleaning. The requirementsinclude the end condition of the surface as determined by visual inspection, and materials and procedures used to achieve andverify the end condition.

This standard is limited to requirements for visible surface contaminants. Additional information on nonvisiblecontamination is provided in Paragraph A2 of Appendix A. Additional information on soluble salt testing is provided in SSPCGuide 15.

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