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Model Course 3.17: Maritime English, 2009 Edition
Training Material by International Maritime Organization, 2009

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There are two sections in the model course for Maritime English: core section 1 and core section 2 allowing trainees to enter the course at a point which suits there level of knowledge of English.

It is recommended that instructors carry out a pre-course appraisal in order to assess the existing language level of each trainee. The syllabus in core section 1 is designed for trainees who have an elementary or lower intermediate level of English, while the syllabus in core section 2 is designed for trainees who have a lower intermediate or intermediate level of English. The definitions of these language levels and the basic entry requirements for the trainee target groups are given in part A of both sections of the course.

Core section 1 is intended to prepare trainees for entry to core section 2. However, it is possible for trainees to enter directly to core section 2 without following core section 1, provided they can satisfy the entry requirements.

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