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Cold Headers and Cold Formers- Safety Requirements for Construction, Care, and Use
standard by B11 Standards, Inc. (Formerly Listed as The Association for Manufacturing Technology), 02/06/1995

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The requirements of this standard apply for construction, care, and use of only those mechanically-powered machines commonly referred to as cold headers and cold formers, which perform many operations such as shearing, heading, upsetting, extruding, trimming, forming, cold working, or warm forming material by means of tools and dies. This type of equipment generally has the ram in a horizontal position. Included are pointers and roll formers when they are mechanically an integral part of the basic machine.

Excluded from the requirements of the standard are: mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic power presses; hot forgers; hot upsetters (including cold work); hot formers; hot headers; vertical cold forgers; four-slide machines; swaggers; wine drawers; slotters; shavers, and high-energy machines. Also excluded are pointers and roll formers, unless they are an integral part of the basic machine.

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